Monday, 2 March 2015

Painting Citadel Judge Dredd Part 10 - Judge Glass, Mutie in a Dress & 3 Kleggs

A quick change of pace from the Chaos Squats and Blood Bowl I've been painting up to knock out a few more JD mini's as the unpainted ones are building up (Over 100 unpainted Vs only 60 painted.. for shame).

Judges Glass and Quincy. Sentenced to death by the mad tyrant Cal, they were saved by the quick thinking of SJS Judge Slocombe although they would be humiliated by having to wear non-regulation clothing – Quincy in his underpants and Glass donning a child’s dress and lollipop!

Named Zoe to annoy the Wife.. as it looks like a muppet hehe


  1. Terrific painting Chico. Very nice indeed. I especially like Glass. but those Kleggs look uber-mean :-)

  2. Is there anything else in the judge dredd line left for you Chico? Goddamn.

    1. Yeah I'm missing lots I'm afraid... I don't own a single Fattie either :*(


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