Monday, 30 March 2015

Necromunda: Redemptionists Pt.2

The final 3 (For the moment) Redemptionists have been finished and added to their Brethren, bring the total Mob total to 6. 

Scourge and Purge! No Pain! No Gain!
Hopefully it won't be 2 long before a few more of these get cast up and go up for sale. Mr Scalene told me (On a comment on this Blog) that progress on more is going very well and I'm quite excited about his Warfactory range (Also includes Demons and Ship Crew so far).

2 Breathren and a Novice in the Centre
Is it bad that I', already tempted to buy a few doubles as I've enjoyed painting these. Redemptionists back in the day of young teenager Chico were one of the first outlander gangs I bought.. well to be fair I did end up buying 90% on the original Necromunda range.

They were sold for rent and food/booze/ciggy money in the early 00's and I always wanted a Mob of them again but could never afford to buy them using Ebay prices. These are the perfect replacements, now just to convince Scalene to make both a Eviscerator and Massive Axe totting Zealots :)


  1. Wonderful models Chico, and very well painted as well. Looking forward to seeing these in a BatRep at some point soon ;-)

    1. Battle Report! Psssh chance will be the fine thing. I don't get to game much of late :(

  2. I am loving these models buddy, great painting too! Top stuff!


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