Sunday, 3 May 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Bloggy!

So dear OoaB readers my humble little Blog turns 2 this month. 

Huurrah indeed!

So as it stands let me give you some dry facts before we get on to the good stuff.. Hookers and Blackjack?.. Maybe ;)

43 G+ Followers
138077 Hits (Yes some will be Bots, but Bots with good taste)
1591 comments (Minus Spam)
381 Posts
109 Countries have visited here
So that's that done so what's next for OoaB?

World domination of course!

Anyway heres a few (Not all) of my favourite projects I've done over the last 2 years:

Dark Future:

Genestealer Cult:

Star Wars:

Judge Dredd:

Combat Zone:


And of course my all time favourites...

Evil Space Dorfs:

So that just leaves a big thank you to everyone which reads this humble Blog and puts up with myself :) Thanks each and everyone one of you.


  1. Good on you man, happy 2nd and best of luck with the world domination!

  2. A cracking effort and well deserved.

  3. Happy birthday! I always enjoy your output - long may it continue :)

  4. Happy birthday OOB!
    I must say yours is probably the most frequently updated blog in all of Oldhammer, I'm on here constantly and I am amazed at the quantity you put out. Quite the inspiration.
    Good luck you're into your terrible twos but I have confidence you can keep up your quality. :)
    BTW your purple dark future car is the bees knees

    1. Thanks I try to update every 2-3 days to stop people getting bored and wandering off ;) hehe I'm lucky I get plenty of time to paint but just not the money to buy everything I want :(

  5. Happy birthday! Congrats! Good luck on taking over the internet and the world! :D

    1. Thanks :)

  6. Congrats Chico! many happy returns.

  7. Congratulations, huge mile stone. I am a year behind and hope my blog does as well. Keep up the good work!

  8. Happy Bloggiversary Chico! Keep up the great work.


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