Tuesday, 26 May 2015

WEG Star Wars - ''Force'' update

''Force'' Update

Oh the puns are strong with me! And you love it you tart!

Have no fear the WEG Star Wars project is alive and well and I've just been busy painting up other toys and been a wee bit sick. But I still been buying and trading for them an now sitting on a small horde of WEG figures. Highlights include 30 odd Stormtroopers, all the main cast, The Emperor & some Royal Guard and much much more.

Anyway heres whats painted so far, except the Imperial Droid which got missed out the pictures.. no doubt pretending he was a Assassin Droid and hiding.

The Empire: Darth & 501st Stormtroopers

The Rebel (Scum): Chewie, Han Solo, Luke & Leia
The Fringe: Big Cher & Boba Fett
Still lots to do and I'm hoping to pick up a few bits in the coming months, a nice slow burn project for when the mood takes me. Hopfully be a gaming sized force painted by the time the new film hits :)

Thanks for looking my Nerf Herders!


  1. Wonderful! Youre an artist! Love youre panted WEGs Star Wars figures.

  2. Wow I might actually start liking star wars again!

    1. Heh we all go though that Love/hate relationship with Star Wars :)

  3. Fan-frikken-tastic sir. A lovely, well painted collection for sure.

  4. Wooo! Cool!! Keep on with the good work!

  5. Love em, its strange was lookign at a bunch of sets of the 25mm Grenadier ones online from a seller. Love what you have done with em though.


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