Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Oldbowl 2015 - Badges

With BOYL15 only a short few months away and which includes the first ever Oldbowl League Event it was time to do some more extras.

Now the Oldbowl event has full prize support and free stuff to everyone that enters (You read all about that HERE).

Now adding to that I'm adding to that badges (Picture above)

It'll cost £2 per badge and would need payment up front via paypal (£2 is inclusive of the Paypal fees and postage cost to myself) and will need a minimum of 10 people to want one or if people want more then one a total of 10.

 Badge will be given out on the weekend itself.

Now I'm not making any money out of these and payment is just there to cover costs and gage the interest.

Contact me if you want one to buy one

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