Saturday, 23 May 2015

SAGA: Revenants Pt.2 ''The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, and Zombies''

Still not feeling too great at Castle Chico so painting has been limited and trading/buying almost at a stand still (Yay the Wife screams from over my shoulder)

But I have finished painting my first full point of SAGA Revenants.. 12 of the little biters! Phew it's hard work but somewhat enjoyable (Read ''Wooo I get to cover shit in gore!'')

Sorry for the poor pictures today (Well ok poorer then my normal bad standards anyway) but these do look so much better in the flesh.. dead or otherwise hehe

Thanks for looking boys and germs :)


  1. Those eyes are truly scary Chico. Great work and what a cracking little force you've so far created. Lovely range of poses and paint schemes :-)

  2. Zombies are a lot of fun to paint. Always good to explore gore on figures. Well done.

  3. These pics and extra sculpts do look better. Really like them - would be great for rpg sessions too.

    1. Some will be suitable for Necromunda plague zombies :)


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