Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Secret Hobby Shame: The Serect Hidden Blister Box

Not my picture, I don't quite have this many WEG blisters.. well maybe

Arhhh you see this post isn't about whether or not I should open blisters packs as that answer is simple yes. But it's about hoarding them until you need to open the goodies for a future project.

I don't know you but my personal hobby secret is my hidden box (Hidden from the wife) full of unopened blister packs from dozens of projects both finished, waiting to happen, abandoned and everything else in between.

See the thing is I have no problem opening up ages old packages but only when I'm going to use and paint them in that moment.

 I also don't seek out blistered minis as they tend to cost a tad more (And more postage too) but at times you get that bargain or trade and they add up.

It's getting out of hand but still now as bad as my opened stuff but now must have close to 40 unopened Blisters and 4/5 boxes of toys just sitting there away from prying eyes heh.

So what's your Hobby shame? Hoarding paints? Old damaged brushes? OCD for collecting empty boxes? Love your Ebay Job lots? 

Well thanks for looking


  1. I don't have that problem as the misses is programmed to look for shiney boxes. My stuff is opened immediately and the boxes dispossed of.

    Miniatures are a lot easier to hide in pockets then blister packs!

    Thankfully all my miniatures still all look the same to her!

  2. I've some vintage carded gi joes (some italian carded cobras and all the carded US versions of cobra commander) too so for me open an oldhammer blister seem an heresy. ;) "Argh! No! Now it has lost much of its value!" :D Then I never will try to buy or trade unopened miniatures. However I still have an unopened RAFM Death Dancer that I will preserver for posterity ;)

  3. I have no shame. My wife worked in a game shop so she knew what she was getting when she married me. I'm not ashamed of my hobby and certainly don't hide it from her or my children. Secrets are what breaks down relationships. I collect so much and have so many interests that I may never finish painting what I have, but I still collect even though I'm now a pensioner.

  4. Hi my name is 24, I have an addiction which has lead me to do some awful things, the most SHAMEFUL being that I have 5 untouched but completely collected armies for 3rd edition/rogue trader that sit in boxes and have been, the eldest for over 13 years.
    I'm more animal than man!

  5. i guess my shame is that i now have years and years worth of To Do miniatures and there are still hundreds more that i want to buy even though i don't know when i'm going to have the time to paint them. in fact, why am i typing this now when i could be painting....


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