Monday, 1 June 2015

WEG Star Wars - Dark Jedi WIP

Still taking a little break from SAGA painting but didn't feel like going outside to spray some more WEG Star Wars (I live in a top flat and have to spray need a pavement, which is not ideal).

Anyway a nice package turned up from Ebay today while I was at the Dr's about my on going eye problems containing a few WEG minis and the WEG Imperial Entanglements rulebook (Yay for dirty cheap buy too).

I've always found the 2 Sith rule restrictive in SW cannon, but reading into the EU (Expanded Universe) I found 3 temping get out clauses (There are more but I liked these options).

1: Use Darth Maul and his brother Savage Opress (A Nightbrother who became a Sith Lord). Maul survived being sliced into 2 and carried on despite Darth Sidous choosing a new apprentice.

2: Run with a pair of Dark Force or rival Sith users outside of the Bane's ''Lords of the Sith''

3: Dark Jedi, Jedi turned to the Darkside for power and glory.

Dark Jedi WIP

"A dark Jedi is anyone who practices the dark side of the Force whether or not they were a former Jedi."

So sod it I thought.. Dark Jedi with a young apprentice it is :)

Using the WEG's Lesser Force Users as a base I made chopped off their hands and used Wargames Factory Saxon hands and spears as the lightsabers.

The male Jedi also as his hair shaved off and will get a little green stuff goatie.. much like myself heh..

I'm thinking grey robes and purple lightsaber for the female apprentice and orange for the Master.

Anyway thanks for looking


  1. Nice stuff once again Chico. I'm really enjoying these "Star Wars" posts of yours so please keep 'em coming. Hope the news from the Dr was encouraging too.

    1. Thanks mate glad ya like um, as for the Dr's... ummmm I'm going to say no it wasn't good news :-/

  2. I seem to remember Palpatine/Sidious having a number of apprentices, if only to be able to route out the weaker ones so that the one who ends up his "official" apprentice is the strongest and best available?

    Very nifty conversions sir.

    1. Palpatine had a number of Apprentices depending on Cannon and EU storylines. Cannon he had Maul, Tyranus & Vader after each died he took the next one not sure about EU though. Maul ended up surviving being cut in half but Palpatine didn't know about this (Breaking the rule of 2). Darth Vader took a apprentice though in the EU storylines called ''Starkiller'' as kepy hush hush to not break the rule of two officially.


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