Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Fimir Project Reboot Pt.5 Malalite Demon-Hag WIP

So with the Reboot still going strong and all the repaints/tidying up complete it was time to expand my collect. 

Putting up a trade post on the Oldhammer Trading Group (Which is a part of a series of groups I'm a admin for) I was able to get one of the few Fimir's missing from my collection..

A Meargh

So after a small bit of conversion work and a replacement tail (Still need to tidy that up once it dries) she was turned into my Malalite Demon-Hag, the Mistress of the Marsh.

I also started work on my Malalite Heavy Beastmen

They are a mix or RPE and Midlam along with a Reaper Bones Etin wielding a Foundry weapon.

Thanks for looking!


  1. There was something about these Fimir that was getting to me and then this post hit me with the Hag - they remind me of the Skeksis from Dark Crystal!

    Hag looks rather cool and those beastmen should prove to be a sweet addition. Ettin is huge!

    1. Indeed they are rather Skeksis-like, the Oakbound Games Marsh Demons are based on them as well :)

  2. Looking good Chico, always surprises me how quickly you can churn stuff out so quickly.
    Great job on fixing up the Meargh, lovely sculpt.
    Your beastmen look very unique, I don't they I've laid eyes on them before. The reaper ettin is a nice unit filler or are you using him as a Minotaur leader?
    Either way looks great, I have a healthy respect for beastmen and one day I hope to get my beasts painted; at my current rate I'll be pushing forty though. Not cool.

    1. Thanks mate, and she's already painted heh :). As for the Beastmen they are all Bob Olley sculpts (Bar yje Ettin and 1 other) they are rather nice.. plus Croc and Pig Beastmen are so cool heh. I paint so much though as everything is always set up ready to jump on and paint whenever the mood takes.. 10 mins here and there add up.


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