Monday, 15 June 2015

Warbases Movement Trays Review

The other day I asked the Oldhammer Community about Warbases Movement Trays to see if anyone had used them or indeed rated them.

After a couple of replies I took the punt and ordered some, now I'll admit as I wasn't expecting much as they are after all cheap MDF.. So was I happy with my order?

Short answer is No.

So what was the problem(s):

Trays were delivered in a thin jiffy bag with no Bubble Wrap.
2 out of 6 were broken, yes not just lose bonds but snapped lips (Took a few mins to fix but that's not the point).
Even when you ask for a size they aren't very tight with large gaps when ranked up (I was warned about this).

Quite a large gap
So any positives?

Well yes in fact, cheap and fast delivery and once primed and/or sanded won't look too bad.

Will I use Warbases again?  Maybe I am a cheap bastard after all.


  1. Strange bit of bad luck, mine came through well-packaged and give a snug fit. Like many wargaming businesses they are a cottage industry and are bound to have variable results, this isn't acceptable where bases are concerned though.

    1. I just measured a bunch of spare GW 40mm bases. They all came out at 39mm. Might explain the gap?

    2. Not big problems really as once I flock the bases with sand and prime them even the gaps will seem less severe no doubt but still a tad disappointing.

  2. I'm carrying out a basing project, and making trays from plasticard and plastic strip.
    I always overcompensate the tray sizes, to allow for variation.
    And when the troops are ranked up, it's noticeable how different the base sizes are.
    This may be because I'm picking the bases from a bin, where I've tossed all the bases of the same type from multiple years, whereas if I'd based them when they were new, the bases in the blister would have all come from the same pressing?
    Still, it's frustrating that something as straightforward as a square base can vary so much.

    1. Yeah I also just have a large bucket of bases from many many companies throughout the years. Could be worse as least they didn't come too small heh

  3. I'm also wondering if they don't oversize them by design. After reading your review I went over to the Litko website and they have an option to add a 3mm gap to your tray layout. But also nominal base sizes are smaller than Xmm. Sort of like 2"x 4" lumber in the US. The lumber companies figured out they could charge the same price for shaved down beams. So the size is only nominal.


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