Sunday, 7 June 2015

WEG - Star Wars: Denizen Minitures

The Denizen Fantasy and Sci-Fi figures date from around the mid 1980's. The company is still in business and these figures are still available. Chub Pearson owns the company and sculpted nearly all of the figures.

As with other companies of their time they are scaled 25mm, but not quite 25mm truescale as there heads tend to be on tad large size.

Anyway for my ongoing Star Wars project I wanted some armoured elite quick response/bodyguard Rebels. Now as WEG never made anything I felt suitable I had to look elsewhere.

25mm Sci-Fi (Let alone Truescale) is rather hard to come by these days as most companies favour 28mm-32mm Heroic made popular by Citadel/GW.

Anyway to cut a long story short I bought some of these:

The scale isn't too bad and not noticeable in game, plus I get some cheap Grav Speeders withut paying a arm/leg & left n00t for the WEG ones if/when they pop up on the market.

Simple paintjob matching the rest of my modified Rebel Uniforms and I'm rather happy other all. I have a few more Denizen figures both Gravs & Troopers plus a few other bits to use as Fridge elements like Bounty Hunters/Mercs.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice painting and very good news to hear about Denizen. I will dig out some of my old White Dwarf and look for old adds from Denizen. Them I will have to hunt down Chub Pearson on the internet... =)

    1. Thanks Denizen Website is a bit of pain to order from but Miniature Heroes has a few for sale in their bargain bin.

  2. They came out looking fantastic.

  3. I like the design to these - looks similar to some images I recall from the old Star Wars comics of special Ops Rebel troops.

    Paintjobs will fit in nicely with what you've already done.

    1. Thanks very much Dai, at least they break up painting massed ranks of Rebels and Stormies :)


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