Wednesday, 3 June 2015

WEG Star Wars - Battle Report ''Bounty Hunting'' pt.1 The Forces

So tonight at my local gaming club (Watford Wargaming Federation) I'm getting to play a game of SWMB2 for the first time and with another willing victim.. er opponent.

Now as its our first time (Cue candles and mood lighting) we are keeping it small and somewhat easy as I'm also providing both sides and I hate playing with unpainted toys I just went with what I had all ready painted and rushed a couple more Rebels though to even the odds.

The Rebel Force is led by Mr Han Solo (Or Solo Han-Job around these parts) with 2 Squads of 6 Rebel Soldiers.

Keeping it somewhat themed and even the Empire force is led by Boba Fett the arch Bounty Hunter backed up by 2 Squads of 6 Storm Troopers.

So heres hoping for a good game and Pt.2 to come tomorrow!


  1. Badass, simply badass. I'm Extremely apprehensive painting my Star Wars figures but yours are looking great.
    Of course the next obstacle will be terrain, something distinctly Star Wars but usable in other a Sci-fi would be great.
    Hopefully your club night is great success and you can rope some others into collecting as well.

    1. Thankies.Terrain I'm not worried about as I have plenty of bits to use as the Club and at home I have some large 20mm shacks/buildings which are suitable for the odd game at home.

  2. Good luck sir, hope the game goes well and that the Rebels get a jolly good trouncing.

    1. Thanks mate, was a good game even with getting some rules wrong :)

  3. Down with the Empire!

    Great work on those mini's.


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