Saturday, 13 June 2015

Fimir Project Reboot Pt.3 - Hell Worm & Handlers

The reboot is going rather well and I'm finding myself getting more and more happy with the results and finding the effort to improve/change/replace is not as bad as I first thought.

Sure there still is alot of damage to certain figures and some are painted rather careless (Tends to be those done last as I was getting bored and fed up) but far from the mental obstacle I had in my mind.

I was working my way though the Fimm and Fianna Fimm but stopped to finish of my Hell Worm and Crew/Handlers and 2 hours later it's now up to speed and in my mind how I wanted it too look.

The Worm is a Reaper Bones ''Purple Worm'' and the crew/handers are Heroquest Fimm with simple arm/weapon swaps.

As this force was meant to count as Warriors of Chaos back when I played WhFB8 the Hell Worm was my Hell Cannon as as such needed crew and they need too be removable.

No idea if I'm goig to be using these now but still fun little beastie.


  1. That's a great looking Fimir group, Chico, and I'm rather tempted to give my "Reaper Bones" Purple Worm as lick of paint as a result. Great conversions on the "Heroquest" minis too, especially the skull drummer.

    1. I've heard stories about you and licking worms :O Heh thankies :)

  2. whats not to love about Reaper miniatures?

    They all look great

    1. Honestly alot of Reaper minis are just not to my taste, but you have to love the Bones range for price :)

  3. Can't beat that price point, but the details on non-large-sized Bones sculpts has had me left feeling kind of flat so far.

    Like the worm though. Looks way better painted white.


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