Thursday, 11 June 2015

Fimir Project Reboot Pt.2 - Fimm repaints/tidy ups

Progress has well and truly started on the Fimir make over with half of the big Fimm unit getting a tidy up a few repaints and improved basing.

It's funny what a fresh eye can do to a old paint job and since I wasn't burnt out on brown I was able to go back and do all those fiddly jobs like final shading and tidying up.

I started on the Fimm first as they are the Plastic Heroquest figures for the most part so if I left them to last I just wouldn't have the motivation to final dozens of the same figure. As it stands I have 36 so another 21 to paint and convert/remove from integral bases.

Also it I have too note it does feel rather odd doing a Fantasy force again and most of my gaming/painting of late has been skirmish and Sci-Fi/Post Apoc.

Also started on a Finna Fimm unit Champion (Marsh Demon from Oakbound Games). Both mine and my wives favourite figure from this army, so much so I have 2 :)

As I'm taking my time on them I'm still hoping I won't burn out again and revolving projects should help (SAGA, Star Wars & Necromunda needs my time).

Ta for looking


  1. O yeah, that Marsh Demon is a super cool sculpt.

    Until you mentioned it, I hadn't even realised that all those Fimirs were the same sculpt with weapon changes... Very effective.

    1. Thanks mate, weapon and arms swaps from plastic GW Orcs, just about the right size accept for the finger difference.

  2. Looking really good Chico, that champion is a sweet model. I must get mine done. My favourite has to be the piper though.

  3. Good progress, you're a brave man attempting this!


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