Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Fimir Project Reboot Pt.1

Over 2 years ago now was the last time I took paint to brush for my Fimir army, I fell out of love for the ''Rape Demons'' I'm afraid. 

Maybe it was painting layer after layer of brown or lack of focus on the direction taken. A large part was dew to the limited options both figure wise and army list (I was at that point still playing current WhFB and was using WoC list to count them as).

While Oakbound Minis came along way to counter act the lack of figures with their wonderful Marsh Demon range for The Woods RPG and Geoff also sent me a free set of them too boot. But my desire for the rappy ones soon slowed down... 

Until now, It's reboot time!

So this is everything so far all repaired and ready to be finished or in the case of a fair few even started. My play is too finished 1 or 2 few weeks or so, that way so not to burn out on them again. Plus I'll make movement trays and display them once they are done. I'm going to give myself until BOYL16 to finish/collect/paint everything where it'll be their first gaming outing.. 14 months should be plenty of time right?

As always thanks for looking!


  1. Always liked Fimirs. True monsters in character, not just the next bloodthirsty nasty.

    I like the brown too. Way better looking than green Fimirs.

    1. Yep the true children of chaos in my mind :) Thanks brown is nice but too many layers and take time to do. Makes for quick burn out.

    2. Over the right basecoat Vallejo Smokey ink would create a rich tobacco colour to match the one you've been painting on these guys

    3. I been using a 50/50 wash of smokey and black over the rebooted ones as the main wash after base coats with a 2nd wash of almost pure smoke at the end after final hightlights in certain areas. Great stuff :)


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