Saturday, 27 June 2015

Heroquest - Undead Pt.1

So I have to admit I'm rather late to the HQ bandwagon I'm afraid, never played or owned it as a wee one. 

A few months ago my Wife brought me home a gift she found in her friends shed, 2 tool boxes of random crap minis (Warhammer Quest plastics & the first plastic LotR Orcs), a 1994 paint set & a complete(ish) copy untouched copy of Heroquest.


I'm hooked!

After taking it down to my local club and having a few games I managed to get a group together for some semi-reg games in and of top of that I picked up the HQ expansion Return of the Witch King for a rather nice price (Minus the Box which is sad). 

Anyway as we all know I hate playing with unpainted minis..

So I needed to get everything painted and as quickly as possible. So starting with the Undead I managed to find a way to get each one finished from start to end in 20mins.

Painted Scheme:

AP Skeleton Bone washed with AP Strong Tone, re-highlighted the base colour.
AP Gunmetal, again washed with AP Strong Tone, once dry Vallajo Special Effects Dry Rust on the Scythe.

Simple and effective, at least for a Boardgame anyway.

Even works for Mummys and Zombies too!

Thanks for looking my Minions of Old 


  1. Huge fan of the minis for this game Chico, and you've done an absolutely top job with them - especially impressive considering the time factor too :-)

    1. Thanks not a big fan of these figures but aye for a boardgame I'm not worring too much :)

  2. Weeee! Heroquest FTW!! :D

  3. Looking good - I must admit this is a project I contemplate from time to time!

  4. They look great, I never tire of seeing HQ minis get painted.

  5. Love to see someone discovering Heroquest! I'm really liking these paintjobs. Quick as they are, they have turned out very grim and grimy! Love'em

  6. Loved this game when I were a lad. Still have a few minis left over too. The Mummy and zombies were the better sculpts.

    Good stuff.


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