Friday, 29 August 2014

Along came a spider...

Well I have to say I'm well and truly buying random toys atm... On a impulse I've bought a Pro-painted WhFB Giant Spider for £5 on LAF, the seller also had a Giant Scorpion but was sold before I had a chance to nab it. But aye for £5 I just couldn't say no.

Sellers picture just a little edited by me.

Here's it is in it's catalogued form with a few friends:

It will be getting a base and joining one of my many WhFB3 armies, most likey my Chaos Greenskins. Other then that it will be kept as it is, which I normally never do.

What ya think? Bargain eh?


  1. Who doesn't need a giant spider, really? The painting is a nice plus

    1. True, plus it got a new base and repaint anyway hehe


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