Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Evil Space Dorfs - Concepts

So Mr Fimm from Oakbound Games has been commissioned by myself to design some Evil Space Dorfs.

Here's the first concepts please let us know what you think?


  1. Chico, these look very cool. The first looks like he'd be a great adventurer with all his tech and the second's beard-chewing respirator is pretty keen. The difficulty with looking at the concept sketches is that the first two don't look overly evil at this point. Seeing the eyes robs them a little of their potential bad-assed evilness.

    I like the 3rd design with the diver-style mask and the marked gas containers. It could be anything under there breathing lord knows what! It is the facelessness that makes the 3rd one click for me.

    I'm curious, are you commissioning these to fill gaps? And only these 3? Are we going to see a multitude of little dorfs?

    1. These are just concept sketches of ideas rather then set figures which will look like them. I'm leaning towards sketch 2 as the direction forward atm. Too start with there will be 2 done a Leader and Trooper, with the idea being to have a whole range of Evil Dorfs in time and money allows.

  2. Really nice concept sketches. Looks to be a cool project.

  3. I like the direction of picture number two for the following reasons: Beard spewing resperator is just great. Tusked face belt buckle, and the mohican.

    From the other two pictures I like the exposed cables and the helmet from #1.

    How are these going to size up?

    I think you should give some sort of thought as to backpack/power units and guns now while you have a chance... particularly if you are doing a whole range sometime in the future. I guess that also depends on how uniform they are as a race in terms of equipment and decoration.

  4. No 2 gets my vote too - nice concept!


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