Friday, 22 August 2014

Goblins! Goblins Everywhere!

Run! Flee! Save your loved ones!

Ahem.. sorry a little dramatic eh? Well your still reading this so it isn't all bad, so while I have you attention you see that little Follower Gadget on the right hand side if you scroll down a little? Yes that's the one.. Go ahead and click follow, done? Good now bad to the show!

Chaos Goblin Mob/Unit No.1

The King and his trusted Ladz, ready to fight... er run! at the first sight of anything larger then a Orcling.

Quite pleased with how the Goblins from so many companies all blended together with a universal paint scheme. Not only that it's quite a bright scheme so well out of my comfort zone.

3 HHG Dark Goblins & a Crooked Claw
Citadel, HHG Dark Goblin, Crooked Claw & a Citadel Vile Goblin
3 more HHG Dark Goblins
As you can see in the background the start of my 2nd Chaos Goblin Mobs which includes Goblins from 7 different companies. Should be quite fun to paint.

As always comments welcome.


  1. Great job Chico. I really need to take a look at some of these companies. Trawling ebay for oldhammer figures has got me thinking I would much rather buy new figures that blend in rather than hassle with these auctions.

    1. Works out sometimes a bit cheaper too, and it's nice being able to pick the ones you want :)


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