Friday, 15 August 2014

King Furtak Fartage - Outcast King

King Furtak Fartage

King Furtak Fartage or the Big Fart to his friends is a Goblin of major girth, so much so he travels with Bek his faithful belly bearer and Chefs Soop & Gore Dion.

Furtak once challenged the Infamous Grom of the Misty Mountains to a greased Squiglette eating contest which he promptly lost dew to Groms ability's from eating Troll meat.

King Furtak
It disgrace Furtak was exiled to the frozen waste of Troll Country along with his Tribe the Belly Bandits. He plans his revenge against Grom and even thrown his lot in with other Outcasts. Who knows maybe Furtak will get his revenge.. but first it's time for a snack, then of course lunch followed by dinner and another snack...


  1. Very good, I'm a massive Grom fan so sometime we'll need to do a battle for this rivarly to play out!

    1. Bacon roll eating contest? Followed by a beer-off?

    2. The sport of Kings..

    3. I was thinking Troll flesh........................


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