Saturday, 30 August 2014

The 15mm Project


and a empty wallet...

So as you may have seen from Tuesdays POST that I fell hard for 15mm and while I'm still waiting for the CP Models Orcs to turn up I've ended up going on and buying a large chunk of bits and pieces

But.. But.. I HAVE A PLAN!

The plan is simple and allows me to get to paint small amounts and get the most from both the scale and cheapness. I'm going to build a number of small Gangs/Warbands of no more then 10 figures (To start with) and less for Elites.

No rules will be used when building these and I will be building to a common theme, whatever I like the look of and would love to paint.

I have 4 Warbands planned so far, you seen of them already my Space Ork Freebooters, well here's the next 3:

Emperor's Children Chaos Marines

I will be adding some of the following CP Models Alien Guards to them to use Traitor Guardsmen/Cultists.

Maybe a mix of the 3 heads? Too hard to choose just one.

Genestealer Cult

Perfect Genestealer Magus with little to no Greenstuff/converting.

The Law! Aham..Artbites!

Yep the Judge Dredd wannabes.. the Adeptus Arbites.

To top this all off a nice fellow by the name of Stuart is sending myself some of his test peices from his new line of Space Dwarfs and Orcs. Wonderful!


  1. Hi!

    Can't wait to see how you get on with the project!

    Beware though as the Ghoulani Enslaver figures are a fair bit smaller than 15mm scale while the cultists are a bit bigger.

    I sculpted the Space Vikings back in the day so I hope you enjoy painting them! I have a few of them kicking around that are awaiting conversion to Orks.

    All the best!

    1. They look great mate, I love all the Space Vikings range. So Chaos Marines and Squats... now how about some Chaos Squats for the Space Viking range? heh

    2. Hi!

      Glad you like them! I am actually working on a few larger sculpts that would fit in with the space viking range. Inspired by the Warzone games, there is a nine foot tall horned hero with a two handed chain axe and a eight foot tall bio armour with massive exposed muscles toting a huge cannon of some sort (essentially a Nepherite and a Razide!)

      The plan is to sculpt up a load of bits and bobs and then auction them off to anyone who fancies their own range of figures as I just don't have the time to run my own miniatures business and can't handle the restraints of commissions!

      Hopefully it will mean I will get the chance to make lots of science fantasy figures (something that the 15mm market is sadly lacking at the moment!)

      All the best!

    3. That's a good idea, I'm working for the 2nd time on getting a 28mm range going so I know how much time and money would be needed getting a range going and in production.

  2. Hey Chico, I have a load of 15mm Laserburn figures, adventurers and outlaws, that I am not going to be using. Do you want them gratis?

    1. If your happy to do JR that would be rather kind and very nice of you. I can picture a Pirate/Merc warband getting added :)

    2. Sure thing. I have enough Space Marines, Orts and Mercs to keep me going for a long time! Email me your address at robert DOT arcangeli AT gmail DO com


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