Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The BOYL15 Outcast Greenskin Project

What?? We haven't even had BOYL14 and you are thinking bout next years??? Yep! I have a plan and a slow burn project in mind that I've always wanted to do, Outcast Chaos infused Greenies led by Hobgoblins! What's not to like.

This has been in the back of my mind for a little while now, when I did the 3 background posts (Linked below) the craving grew.

Hobgoblin Background
Terror of the Steppes
The Dark Lands

C27 Chaos Goblins

So with the plan in mind I've been picking up odds and ends from suitable Greenskin lines. In a earlier post Large Package you already seen my large box (Ohh errr!) of goodies but here's the latest batch of toys.

So what's there?

5 Hobgoblins
11 Half Orcs
1 Chaos Goblin
1 Vile Goblin
3 Citadel Goblins Inc Grom

As always I'll be keeping costs as cheap as I can, and Darkblade from Darkblades Quest donated me 9 Crooked Claw Goblins :)

Long way to go but along time left to collect it :)


  1. Nice start - I'll have a rummage as I've definitely got a few spare Half Orcs and Hobgoblins and pass them on to you at Foundry.

    This would be a good excuse to get my Hobgoblin army painted up - you'll see a few bits of it at this year's event in the big siege game.

    There's always the Dolgan Raiders scenario too - always fancied playing that one through.


    1. Ohhh thanks Thantsants that'll be great :) and yep Dolgans Raiders will be the scenario its based loosely around :)

  2. Excellent start!
    I love the old 1980's Hobgoblin ranges, as well as the Half Orcs, and of course the Goblins! I plan on sorting out my old Hobgoblin army and having them as an opposing project to my Chaos Nipponese.

    There is an mixed Hobgoblin, Orc, and Goblin army list in the forces of Fantasy supplement 'The Book of Battalions', called "A'kanslai's Rabid Reavers', which is Hobgoblin led. There is also some background to Hobgoblins in the books. I will try to photograph or scan the content for you.

  3. Excellent idea dude. Have you checked out Midlamm Miniatures. They've got a couple of armoured Goblins in their Evil Doers range that are blatantly supposed to be chaos. Here: http://www.midlamminiatures.co.uk/evil-doers.html

    1. Aye I have a few bits from them, but at £3 a pop an't afford too many.

    2. Fair do's man. Those two Gobbo's are only £2 each though (plus postage I guess). I just bought their Bob Olley ram men to go with my old citadel ones. I only have five so this purchase has doubled my unit size to ten. :D Can't wait for them to arrive. :D

    3. I have there Ram and Pig men, Ex-Metal Magic and still tasty so many years later. Happy the did the Ram Standard as it was a LE back in the day.


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