Sunday, 17 August 2014

So I heard you liked Goblins..

So the Outcast/Chaos Greenskin force progresses some more, slow and steady with a few Greenies painted a day (There's 100's of the bastards, so a few a day is slow).

King Furtak and his Bodyguard so far.
As you an see quite a colourful unit/army, trying to take this out of my comfort zone of dark and dirty.
2 Heartbreaker Dark Goblins, Citadel & Crooked Claw
Dark Goblin Merc, Foundry Orcling, Citadel Grom, Crooked Claw
More Heartbreaker Dark Goblins
11 more Goblins then the units finished, then I may do some Orclings or Half Orcs, of course I could do so Hobgoblins or more Chaos Goblins.. so hard to choose1


  1. Excellent, always good to see more Goblins.
    You have nice selection of Goblins from different manufacturers side by side. It's true, Goblins do tend to travel in thier 100's :)

    1. I have Goblins from other companies in the painting queue too such as Mannequin and Harlequin. All Goblins are welcome in my hoard :)

  2. An equal opportunities employer - that's what we like to see!

    1. Heh far too many nice Goblins out there to limit ones self heh


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