Monday, 18 August 2014

The Aftermath of BOYL14: Part 3 - Epic Um... Epic?

So day 3 of BOYL for myself was a large Epic game where I got gang raped. But before I show these pictures I'm going to show off my toys that I bought and traded for at the event :)

Not a bad little haul if I do say so (There is a few things missing from the pictures including a Klegg, Half Orc, Orclings, 3rd LE Fishman & JD Ugly), the Imperial Beastmen, RPE Greenies & a JD Ugly was all given to me free my wonderful people at the event.

Anyway enough of my bragging time for sexy pictures!

 And some quick shots of the minis on display (Everyone took pictures of them) I forgot pictures of Kev's new greens though :(

So that's it until next year, Will I see you feckers there?


  1. It kind of worries me slightly that I got more excited about your loot than the epic game ;)

    1. To be fair that's understandable hehehe


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