Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Foundry Giant Troll WIP

So a quick break from my BOYL14 update to bring you a WIP on my first figure being painted for BOYL15. It also happens to by one I bought at BOYL14 so quite suitable.

As we all know I'm colleting up a Chaos Infested Greenskin force, so what better then to have a large corrupted Troll? Ok.. 2 would indeed be better but another will be added to my lead pile at some point.

Anyway this big boy is by John Pickford and is a sculpt with such character.

There he is in his naked glory, ignore all the LE Fishmen.. they are for another project. And stop staring at my Dettol jar!

Base colours and washes, coming together nicely :D Just to note.. this Troll has a ball sack... you know case you wondered heh.

Comments always welcome.

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