Sunday, 24 August 2014

Feck.. More Goblins!

Yup more Goblins, looks like I'm a one trick pony atm.. Might have to paint some LE Foundry Fishmen and Imperial Beastmen to break it up a little before I start seeing Greenies in my sleep.

The start of unit 2, another random mix of Greenies.

Foundry Orcling, HHG Dark Goblin Wizard, Foundry Orcling & Mannaquin Assassin. 
Hasslefree Goblin, Foundry Orcling Outrider Champion, Hasslefree Standard Bearer.
As you can see I quite like Foundry Orclings and I bought way many when it was for the Kev Adams Goblin Aid, plus a few more packs at BOYL14. So I've been including them when and where I fancy (Plus a few swarms on 40mm bases of course)


  1. You really are cracking through the gobbos at a rate of knots aren't you?

    They're looking good an all Dude, keep 'em coming!

    1. Yeah getting though them, but willpower is fading and may need to jump to painting Half Orcs or Hobgoblins to stop the project stalling. And thankies mate.

  2. Again, a nice mix of well painted Goblins.
    Snickit is right, you are making good progress with them.

  3. Lovely Gobbos, love them! You're gonna rock with those!


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