Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Bring Out Your Lead - The 2015 Aftermath Part.3: Judge Dredd Battle Report

(All pictures courtesy of James Halloway) 

So for my final BOYL post (Yay?) I'd like to show the pictures of part of the Judge Dredd game I ran on the Friday based on the ''Day the Law Died'' story arc.

The Forces were:

Chief Judge Cal & the SJS
Judge Dredd & Tutors on Lawmasters
Rioting Perps
Street Judges

Highlights include:

Street Judges siding with Dredd and arresting/removing the Rioters
Cal being eaten by a Fattie
Dredd slaying the Fattie after a intense brawl
Judge Glass getting eaten by the fattie too while Judge Quincy hides in the Dumpster
Judge Pork.. also gets eaten by the Fattie.. Well with a name like that right?

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