Thursday, 20 August 2015

Chico Does Mordheim: Pt.5 - The first battle

So Wednesday night saw myself play the first game of Mordheim in around 15 years.. 

Oi I'm that old honest!

Heh anyway here's a few select pictures for your enjoyment.

Some game highlights:

A Big 'Un failing 4 out of 5 Animosity rolls.
A Goblin taking out a Black Skaven in combat then going on to take out a further Rat.
The Orc Queen (Ogre) taking out Rat after Rat with her large weapon.. ohh err!.
Failing my first bottle check despite looking quite favourable for the Orc.
Orcs with Crossbows are fun but can't hit for toffee (Not so much a highlight, more annoying heh)

So what did I learn? Orcs are fun and hired Ogre's are well worth the cost and upkeep. Mordheim seems a more shooty game then I remember

What would I change? Maybe more around abit of gear and maybe remove some to see if I could fit a few more Goblins or some Squigs into the Warband.

Oh and my Boss needs a Crossbow.. he is BS4 ..What!!?

Next week I play a 2nd warm up stand alone game against Reiklanders, Orc pincushions methinks.

Thanks for looking


  1. Great looking game.

    If your going up against Reiklanders I suggest you hide. . . . A LOT!

    1. I'm thinking I'm going to do ''Operation hide behind the Gobbos'' either that or hug a tower with 4 crossbow orcs and hope I hit when my longer range matters heh.

    2. good plan but remember you can still move while in hiding as long as you have your figure in cover! In the rules it states ANY part of the figure (including a toe!) but we have a house rule of 25% of the figure has to be in cover to count as hiding.

      If you use your gobbo's as a meat shield you will be risking the bottle test much sooner.

  2. You have some absolutely stunning scenery. The whole game looks great - but that conservatory is the tops!

    1. It's just the random Club scenery, while it looks nice I would love some dedicated Mordheim stuff to play on (Or just a better table, Goblin Green! Uck)

  3. Smashing looking game with great scenery, the GW stuff looks really good, but your warband is spot on, love the goblins :-)


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