Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Chico Does Mordheim: Pt.2 - Big Boss & Squig Bouncers

Well well well, looks like I have managed to start up a small Mordheim campaign at Watford Wargaming Club so that's a result.

Now it kicks off on the 9th of September, so I better get cracking and finish painting (And collecting) my Warband, guess I better learn the rules too eh? But that's secondary ;)

Here's how the Warband looks so far:

The Big Boss is called Karrgh and is one of ''Da Orc Queen'' Royal Bodyguard, armed with a Halberd and a Crossbow, for joint rainy stabby death :) hehe.

Working a Chef next, which will be used as a Shaman who uses ''Gut'' Magic in the same vain as Ogre Butchers do.

Thanks for looking


  1. Looking good chicky I mean Chico. You're going to have such a blast with Mordheim. I applaud your choice of warband and I'm assuming it was made purely for esthetical reasons; I don't know how competitive your fellow players are, I do hope you aren't running into multiple witch hunter, sisters and chaos possessed. Then again you are Chico and have a propensity for crushing your enemies, driving them from you and listening to the lamentations of their women.

    1. Ta, the Warband was made because I wanted the figures and matched a ruleset too them rather then getting a ruleset and picking a faction hehe. The other players that have declared what they are using so far are another Orc player and a Dwarf lover. As a Chico I have the propensity for losing most games hehe.


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