Sunday, 9 August 2015

Painting Citadel Judge Dredd Part 13 - East-Meg 2 Hit Squad

Following on from the last post (HERE) I've been cracking on with the formerly unreleased figures and turning them into the East-Meg 2 Hit Squad.

Comrade Sergei had a head swap to change everything up alittle plus I wanted his head for a conversion I have in mine (Think Lawmaster). 

I really like how Commander Khan and Tesla-Psy Judge Igor came out and seem to work with the other sculpts quite well.

Just 2 more to finished a sniper and another Judge, then I can get one with the conversions. One I already mentioned and the other will be a Hondo City (Samurai) street Judge which I'll used the base body of Judge Reed with a Foundry figure.

Thanks for looking and comments always welcome :)


  1. Nice to see those miniatures painted up, especially the formerly unreleased ones. You now need to do a Nudehammer conversion or two with them.

    1. All of these are the unreleased ones so far, I still have a few more packs of these stashed away for a rainy day :)


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