Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Chico Does Mordheim: Pt.4 - It's all coming together

So with this update I'm now down to the final 3 Greenskins (Which will be painted for the next post).

Above is the 3 final ones (Until I find some more, shh don't tell the wife). The Orc/Ogre Queen is massive and towers over even the Orcs which are massive to start with.

I'll be using her as a Hired Ogre rules wise me thinks.

Tomorrow is alos my first game with the Warband, so hopefully have a battle report coming shortly :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. I've been really enjoying this project. They look fantastic dude. Mordheim has always tempted me, but I missed out on it during it's shelf-life at GW.

    I've tried to promote it with my friends to no avail right now :(

    1. I get that alot, I try to play many games with my group but they are stuck in there current GW ways.. Now and again something will catch on for a bit though :)


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