Sunday, 23 August 2015

Chico Does Mordheim: Pt.6 - Ewal Dvergar sighted.

So while waiting for a few bits to come (Paints and Figures) to finished off my Orc Warband I though to keep the momentum going I'll start of my 2nd Warband (One for the Wife to play).

I was lucky and very greatful that Mr Clam of Clamshells & Sea Horses sent me some of his wonderful Ewal Dvergar or Chaos Dwarves if you prefer in a trade at the beginning of the month.

You can get some of his fine range both sculpted Mr Pickford and a subrange called Son's of Siegward by Sjoerd Trouwee (Of CDO and Hasslefree fame) by visiting HERE

Oh Clam also sculpted some himself including the Chaos Dwarf Standard Bearer sold by 4A Miniatures which I have owned for many years now.

So what's the plans? Well I'd need to expand the Warband with 2 more Chaos Dwarves and a Bull Centaur, which for the 2 Chaos Dwarves I may go and get a couple of Sjoerd Trouwee's Hasslefree Dark Dwarves or see if I can get a couple of Clam's OOP Grenadier Set 2s.

As for a Bull Centaur, well it'll be a Boar Centaur like the good old days rather then a Bull methinks..

Then I just need to find some Slaves with bows.. 

Hmmm Hearbreaker Dark Goblins maybe?

Anyway thanks for looking my OoaB minions of lead!


  1. Smashing to see a Mordheim warband coming together, not played for years, but am about to start a Frostgrave Campaign with my wife soon. Like the way you do your bases, very good for Warhammer Quest too :-)

    1. Arhhh Frostgrave, I'd love to start it but my local Club are rather stuck in their GW ways and most don't look to far for new games to play sadly. Having said that I'm going to expand my Orc Warband for use in Frostgrave if I ever get the chance to play it :)

  2. Dwarf badness - loving it!


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