Friday, 7 August 2015

Painting Citadel Judge Dredd Part 12 - East-Meg 2 Judges Boris & Viktor

Having picked up many packs (Read 4) of formally unreleased ex-Citadel RT/JD figures at BOYL this last weekend it would have been a shame not to get a couple painted eh?

I started with 2 of the figures that were based on Judges (Judge Giant and a SJS Judge) and with a plan in mind to make them East-Meg 2 Judges for both next years JD game and to give my home games another rival force to challenge Dredd himself.

Big Boris and Sharpeye Viktor

I stayed someone faithful to a what a East-Meg Judge would look like but adding a small change or 2 to make them my own.

These are rather handy for me as the Citadel range didn't expand to non-MC1 Judges other then a single Brit-Cit on Foot and Lawmaster. Being based on JD sculpts as mention they are both similar yet new at the same time. Best of all though they are the same scale :D

Thankies for looking!


  1. Great stuff Chico. They'll look the business on the tabletop. Were they cast in metal or simply had greenstuff added to them?

    1. They were cast up for the weekend, you can get them on the foundry store as of an hour ago.

  2. You are not human. Your output is always impressive but to start cranking out figs right after BOYL is absolute madness

    1. I also finished a few other bits too, :) Can't help it I love painting even if I can't paint for toffee heh


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