Sunday, 27 April 2014

Challenge: Big Guy Week Day 6

Squats count as Big Guys right?? Well these do (Well 2 out of the 3 are anyway heh)

Look! Look! Chico painted a Iron Claw Squat.... The only good Iron Claw Squat is a dead one right? Heh. Na all joking aside he was actually fairy fun to paint.. for a dead guy anyway.

Also finished my 4th Squat Heavy Weapon trike and a Guildmaster on foot (But he's not in the challenge).

It's power fisting time!
That's pretty much me done for Big Guy Week so what's next for Chico's Challenge week No. 4 (That's right by the end of no.4 this has been running for 2 months now) Well expect a rather open week is all that I'll say.



  1. the more I see of these the more I like your choice of colour scheme. I'm so usewd to seeing squats in imperial greys, military colours and the more colourful, reds, yellows and greens. the only other chaos squats I've seen were stereotypical khorne colours, reds, brasses and blacks, so these are a cool change and it works well in my opinion. =)
    any group shots of what you have so far?

    1. Thankies, sorry no group shots as atm until i move house shortly I have no space to set everything up, plus I don't think my poor camera could pull off such a picture anyway heh.


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