Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Challenge: Stuntie Week Day 1

Arhhh the 2nd Chico Challenge week has kicked off in a display of paint brushes flying though the air to the tune of screaming guitars and thunderous drums.

Ok so maybe not screaming guitars and thunderous drums with that one oops...Um lets try it again!

Thats better! Now picture time!

So my day 1 one of ''Stuntie week'' I painted 4 Grots (Still need final skin highlight) and either though he wasn't in the challenge I painted a Runt Herder (Will paint another 2 as well).


  1. ha! the ork songs! am about to get on with my day two stuff. I know someone who would kill for those grots (I'm quite happy with the 69 single piece 90's ones I have, though a couple of more runtherds wouldnt be amiss) looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Yeah the RT Grots are great fun, I have 25 but would love a full set (1 of each sculpt). Working on my Day 2 atm just taking a break as the washes dry. Bit of a mixed lot for day 2 including a homage to the first 40k releases.


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