Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Epic Orks: Evil Sun Clan Part 3 Almost done!

Part 3 of the WIP of the Evil Sun SMV2 Ork Clan Card, I'm almost done with only 4 more Boyz stands to complete.

A large bag of plastic Orks arrived at my door yesterday from Nico over on the Blog Realms of Chaos (BTW his stuff is mind blowing so go check it out).

Anyway I got to work on a few more stands:

I can see the light at the end of painting this Card, but before I finish these I fany starting on my first Support Card and that will be 3 Squiggoths for my Snakebite Clan (Yet to start, still need to find/buy/trade for the Boarboyz).

Comments as always are welcome, just no questions about my Nobz size (It's cold atm ok!) heh

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