Saturday, 5 April 2014

Resin Bases: Worth the cost?

Arhhh Resin bases don't they look stunning.. I think so! What do you think?

My Heavy Weapon Trikes on Model Display Product bases.
Model Display Products 75x40 Pill Bases

So what is the point of this post I hear you mutter though your tea soaked breath.. ''Get on with man!'' Well the point is I've finally giving up trying to avoid buying Resin bases in the last few months. And now I'm a convert.

The main reason for the change of heart is simple one really, and that's I've decided how I'm basing everything from now on. I'm going to use 2 base schemes and first is one for WhFB and that's using the snow/winter basing style and no custom baseswill be needed, the second is my muddy swamp style and that for the most part will be 40K/Sci-fi and that's where I get to add in all sorts of styles of ruined style resin bases.

Ebay buy, sadly these ain't made no more. It's sad I only have 2 left.

These are my lastest use of the bases, I think they make the Ork Bikes really pop. A nice mix of old and new

Another Ebay buy, with just a little added sand and flock will fit nicely
60mm ruin bases, yup Ebay.. expensive at £1.50 each but look nice.
What's your take on resin bases? Worth the cost or prefer a different style like those new style lipped bases? Or are you Oldschool and just use flock and paint.

And yes I have noticed that most of my resin bases are Pill style bike bases, I'm not sure I'm ready for 25mm resin bases.. and the who cutting off tabs.


  1. Very easy to cast yer own once you've got 'em... they're simple one-part (small) silicone moulds and a bit of dental plaster, or resin if you're feeling really plush. Not necessarily talking about ripping off other people's scenic bases either, you can texture/build up a couple of your very own, take a mould that costs less than a fiver and start cashing in! :D

    1. The trouble with casting your own is always start up costs of being the silicone moulds and resin, I'm no stranger to casting but it does have a cost factor more then people think. If I cast my own bases then I'd have to make alot to break even. Used to cast in plaster of paris back in '02 but that proved too time costly.

    2. A kg of Durasil is £50, you'd easily get 20-30 bike bases from that. Then I recommend Helix casting plaster, £12 for a 25kg sack which should get you a couple of hundred bases at least. I make that about 37p per base if you made moulds of 20 bases and cast 200 in total with a sack of Helix. Not that pricy really...

    3. Hehehe I don't think I need 200 bike bases, not to mention the time needed to make/mix each batch. So with your numbers it's still £62 start up cost, thats alot for bases even 200 of them lol

  2. I picked up some Resin bases from Fenris Games on Ebay a few days ago to use with my Ork figures. They arrived this morning (Sat).

    I bought various sizes of lipped blanks so I can sculpt the detail to match the plastic ones I've already been using.

    They are none standard sizes/shapes for lipped bases and the cost was a bit of an issue for me, but I'm going to give them a proper going over and decide whether it was worth it.

    1. Not a lipped fan, not sure why. Aye cost for bases is alot and as I'm not working (Carer for my wife) hobby money is tight.

  3. I have never used them, but some of the alien and wierder style ones look good.
    For me it was always the cost issue and my natural reluctance to use resin. I like how your bikers have turned out though, they look excellent.

    I prefer to create my own base decoration and also love Don Hans bases for his Chaos force: .
    However for a small army I might be tempted to try out resin bases, but I would have to buy the exact number needed. I have thought it would have to be a contained project rather than an open ended one to avoid the problem you're having with buying more bases later on.

    Have you considered Autumn bases for the Squats? ;)

    1. Hmmm I'm mixing in resin bases as and when i fancy rather then having them all on them. As I now have a universal base scheme in theory it should work as whatever bases I have left can be used in any other army I start. Past/finished armies won't have there bases changed though.. thats too much effort for the 22 armies i have heh.


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