Saturday, 26 April 2014

Challenge: Big Guy Week Day... Um. 2? 3? 5?

Errr sooo Big Guy Week.. yeah after finishing my Exo Suits and prepping my Mole Mortar I haven't got much further on them.

I can give a 101 reasons why but the truth was  I just wasn't feeling up to painting much more then 10/20 mins a sessionthis week so Epic was more fitting way to spend my time.

I did convert up and clean the following though:

£12 from a seller on LAF

The Trike got a converted Squat rider which ended being chopped up and turned into a Chaos Squat with Claws. The Thudd Gun crew member was made the Trikes gunner. The Trike then got a Model Display Base 75x50 Pill base. Making it my 4th Heavy Weapon Trike and taking my total Squat Bikes and Trikes to 16..Scary!

The wounded Squat got made into a object marker on 40mm round (Its a Iron Claw Squat but I'm looking forward to painting him) and the Guildmaster was made a Chaos Squat Heartguard.

But yesterday I did get some Big Guy painting done.. Well it's on a large base but not so much a guy..

Yep it's my first ever piece of Epic terrain, not that I much other then base and paint the roof, Also on the base is some Evil Suns looking bored but guarding the building (2 Ork guards and a Battlewagon).

I have 3 more buildings to finish, I would love some more as I'm moving house soon and will be getting my own gaming table (Just another reason why I'm keeping to the same base colours).

So hopefully the next update I'll have something more to show off, and oh remember be good to each other and bring me Bacon :)

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