Monday, 7 April 2014

Challenge: Stuntie Week starts today!

So this week is the start of the second ''Chico's Challenge'' and this time it's Stunties Week!

But before we go into that, I'd like to show you my latest batch of toys I've finished painting my Kommanda and his Orken ZZ and Orkla Youth.

Da Kommanda and his Orken ZZ, including Orkla Youth (Runts)

So my challenge I'm going to be painting my Runt Herd and depending on how quick they take maybe a Squig Catapult or 2.

Plus of course it would be Stuntie week without a Squat or 2 done.

What are you planning?


  1. snotling sticking its tongue out with the 'fek u' sign is cute. I'm just getting myself ready to turn some goody two-shoe dwarfs to chaos...
    looking forward to seeing peoples output with this.

    1. Keep an eye on this thread on the Oldhammer Forum: and on the Oldhammer FB group as in total there's around 10 people signed up sprend across blogs/forum/facebook :)

  2. the joyous madness of cross-site challenges/community activities.


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