Thursday, 24 April 2014

Epic Orks: Evil Sun Clan Part 2

So more painting and more swearing at the little gits I've made it past the half way mark of my Evil Sun Clan card for Epic Space Marine 2nd Ed.

9 Boyz stands, 5 Battle Wagons & 1 Nob Wagon finished, that's just 6 Boyz stands & 4 Nobz stands to finish to complete the card.. yay! All joking aside the Wagon's are great fun to paint but the Boyz not so much, hoping that will change as I get different Orks rather then the same SMV1 box set Orks repeating themselves.

At this rate I might just get a few 1000 points done in time heh.


  1. Really cool looking force thus far good luck on meeting your goal

    1. Getting there mate, hardest part is waiting for the postman to bring me my toys hehe.Plus I killed this months hobby budget in 10 days.. opps


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