Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Challenge: Stuntie Week Day 2

Well Day 2 of Stuntie Week abd it's been a very busy one! Lots to show you so I'll get straight too it rather then fecking around.

To pay homage to the first RT releases here is the first Citadel Space Goblin and Space Dwarf.

Arhhh but that's not it, far from it in fact. I also painting up some Chaos Squats, in this case a HW Trike and a Squat Trike.

So today I have my games night so won't get as much painted but I still plan to finish at least a couple of bits. More Bikes methinks... yes I love bikers.


  1. Very nice work there Dude, loving the old school openers and the Squats are looking ace - more space bikers please!!!!!

    1. Check out the latest post, plenty more Bikers :)


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