Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Combat Zone: Scavengers, Rus-Co & Scatter Terrain

So last few days I have been busy painting as normal, trying to get everything painted in time for a game on Wednesday which I'm providing both sides for (Scavs and Rus-Co).

I'm also trying to get my own Terrain finished (Some case even started), I'm still umming and errring about my home made stuff, part of me wants to just leave it and move on to the bought stuff.

3 Scav Heroes: Road Warrior, Mr U Kip & Chang
3 Scav's
2 Rus-Co Heroes: Master Sgt Tarcov & Field Officer Wancor
3 Veteran/Elite Rus-Co Troopers

I have another 2 Scav's and 7 Rus-Co to paint before tomorrow night, ugh I better get started!


  1. I salute Wancor! The cheap terrain stuff has been good, use it with the Mantic stuff. I've only looked casually at the aquarium stuff. When I looked I couldn't justify the price.

    1. After spending the last few days buildiing the Mantic toys I have to say it is rather good. I wonder if I'm allowed some for Xmas hehe

  2. I can't get over just how quickly you get these great-looking models painted. I think the 'Max Normal' with the gasmask is my fave of this bunch. But they all look very nice indeed. Personally I'd like to see all your homemade terrain on the tabletop with minis running around them. That's the proper test of whether they work or not :-)

    1. Many thanks, aye Mr U Kip is my favourite too... speaking of tables though I still need to make/buy something to game on hehe


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