Saturday, 1 November 2014

Wargaming Scenery on a Budget

Now yesterday I posted up the second part of my Scenery on £4 series of posts ( Part 1 & Part 2). Now they aren't great but do the job they were made for.. to game with without breakages or any worries.

Now I haven't just been working on the cheap end and have started on some mid-range pieces (Still haven't spent more then £20 on the following though).

Now these haven't been built by me but rather bought.. from a well known store, Yep Pets at Home heh.

Rus-Corp Grunts patrol the Rad areas looking for Gangers

Now Pets at Home are having a sale on on there Tropical Fish Tank Scenery, so who am I to pass up some bargains. After a quick repaint I think they have come out quite well ( One I just left alone for the moment)
Scavengers on the prowl

While I know I'm not even remotely the first person to use these (And others like them) in there games I'm rather happy to get a few and happy with how they turned out, even with the sodding plastic plants lol.


  1. Hi!

    They look fantastic! I may have to steal the idea for my own stuff!

    All the best!

    1. Thanks, steal away as I stole the idea from the interwebs anyway hehe.

  2. I'm always stalking the local pet shop for some heavily discounted fish tank junk to use as terrain. Unfortunately, I've yet to find a use for a giant pirate skeleton sitting on top of a treasure chest that opens with bubbles. Or the Sponge Bob pineapple house. But, I keep looking nonetheless.

    1. If i owned a giant pirate skeleton sitting on a bubbly treasure chest I'd be hard-pressed to come up with a scenario which DIDN'T feature him in some significant way. Each week I would be all 'hey fellas let's play a 40k game with a SPECIAL OBJECTIVE' and they'd be like 'let me guess' and I'd say 'no it's not 'steal the treasure from the giant pirate skeleton' and then they'd say 'oh thank goodness, I'm so sick of that giant pirate skel-' and then I'd be all 'YOU HAVE TO DELIVER THE TREASURE TO THE GIANT PIRATE SKELETON' and then they would leave and I'd play it anyway.

    2. Git.. I now want a Sponge Bob house to game on!


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