Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Painting Citadel Judge Dredd Part 7 - Sherson & Watlock

So after being robbed yesterday of £205 (Had to buy new glasses dew to my failing eyesight, which need special lenses) I set to work cracking out a few Perps/Muties.

So I present to you..

Sherson & Watlock Mutie Detectives:

Sherson & Watlock

I also finished a few other bits and pieces but I'll save that for another post. As always comments welcome, plus if you havn't hit the follow button on the right please do so.


  1. Nice ones Chico, now who's gonna play cops and robbers ? ;)

  2. Great minis once again Chico, especially like the names and little back story you give them. Great Cursed Earth character with Brother Gomorrah but you fooled me with Dib, as I did momentarily think you'd painted up one of the Angel Gang. Superb models though from a great JD mini era :-)

    1. Aye many thanks, Dib does indeed look quite like Junior with the same hair and hat. :)


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