Thursday, 13 November 2014

Warband of The Bane Mistress: Part 9

At the beginning on the year I was working on my Slaaneshi Drow or Dark Elves if you prefer. But dew to other projects and partly burn out that these were shelved.

During my house move 2 months ago these got pretty bashed up with 90% of the figures having some form of damage (The Brides of Slaanesh suffering the most).

But having won a few Ebay lots of various Dark Elves I was missing from my collection (Including my favourite Dark Elf ever made) I bit the bullet and decided it was time for the repair and repaint to happen.

Brides of Slaanesh: Daemonette possessed former Khanites

I'm quite happy with the repairs and repaints and I even got to add a few more little details in, which stops them being quite so dark.

Still have another 5 to paint up but I'm sorting out all the repairs and repaints first and of course this is inbetween the other projects which can just about be seen lurking in the picture hehe.


  1. Oh now those sir are a fantastic looking looking Dark Elf unit. Lovely grey and purple colour scheme. Nice cameo by Judge Minty in the background btw. Now that is a long walk :-)

    1. Arhh these are just repairs, my painting has improved alot since I first painted these so when I get round to painting the new ones they seem hopefully look better :) And aye Minty Photobomb ftw hwhw

  2. They look great, you are doing a nice job there.


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