Saturday, 15 November 2014

Gripping Beast's SAGA

In the last week I've been looking into Gripping Beast's game SAGA, Now I've been rather slow on checking out this game before now dew to the fact I never done anything ''Historic'' apart from a unit of Napoleonic Imperial Guard Dutch Grenadiers when I was 14 (And yes I messed up the Uniforms). Which to be honest put me right off Historics as I like to run non-cannon in my paint schemes.


Gripping Beast's Dark Ages miniatures skirmish. Each side has between 20 and 70 miniatures, organised into groups of 4-12 warriors. Miniatures are classed as Hearthguard, Warriors, or Levy, and an army comprises of 6 points of units (1 point = 4 Hearthguard, 8 Warriors, or 12 Levy).

Each faction (In the starting book, there has since been 3 Expansions and SAGA in the time of the Crusades) - Anglo-Danish, Viking, Welsh, Norman - has its own Battleboard of command options, which are selected depending on the roll of your Saga Dice. Saga Dice have special icons and give your command choices for the turn.

Combat and movement are simple and based on six-sided dice rolls, the real challenge is to use the options from your battleboard as effectively as possible. The core game comes with a battleboard for the four main factions, with future battleboard releases intended to cover other armies and periods.

The Basics

Each player has a Warband which will consists of a number of units. A unit consists of between 4 and 12 models.

Each figure has a class, and there are 4 in Saga:

Levies or peasants

Anglo-Danish Warband
A player’s Warband is made up of a number of figures, worth the equivalent of 4-6 points. Each point as already stated will give you a number of figures; 4 Hearthguard, 8 Warriors or 12 Levies. These troops are then divided into units of between 4 and 12 figures, all of  which needs to be the same class. (All Warriors, all Hearthguard etc)

In addition to your troops, you also get a Warlord for free to lead your Warband. You can, however, choose a special hero to lead your Warband instead which cost an extra point.

Seems rather interesting if I do say so, maybe Satan.. sorry Santa will bring me the rules for Black Mass.. sorry Christmas :)

Do any of you play and what is your take on it?


  1. Chico, I've actually only played a variant of the game, which was published in "Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy" a couple of years ago. Basically it was Roman senator vs senator confrontation in the streets of Rome, with gladiators, the great unwashed, nobility etc fighting one another. The battleboard was obviously the gimmick as we used the SAGA rules for it; and an absolute blast the game was too. Indeed I bought the rulebook myself based upon those evenings, and continued to play it for some months afterwards. I did however find that as soon as one side starts to lose they very quickly go into a tail spin and defeat is swift (as you lose dice). There is though a huge SAGA community out there who have produced battleboards for most of the popular genres such as LoTR, Zulu and sci-fi. Definitely worth a look imho even if you're not a historical gamer.

    1. The more I read about SAGA the more I'm getting drawn to it, my days of a massed battle gamer is now long over so it's good that I'm liking ore and more Skirmish games. Of course I have to convert/add the Chico element to my figures as to but realism will kill it for me. My vikings with have horned helmets and women with massive boobs ;)

  2. I enjoyed the Saga campaign at my club last year very much. It is a fun game no doubt about it. If you think of it as a game rather than a traditional wargame you will get the most out of it. Suffers from too many expansions now so watch out for certain power-lists.

  3. Yeah i get you, 3 expansions and another whole game, still I don't see it dying anytime soon so plenty of time left to join in :)


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