Thursday, 20 November 2014

Epic (6mm) Genestealer Cult spares joblot for sale/trade

I don't tend to do for sale/trade posts on the Blog but I'm under orders to start shifting the bits boxes/lead piles I'm never going to use before I'm allowed to crack on with the scenery and gaming table (It does take up alot of space to be fair).

So up on offer today which will be the first of a few bits is my spare Epic Genestealer Cult bits, I finished the complete force for this years Bring Out Your Lead 14 along with a Ork force so I have no use for anything that's left.

Various makers including Heroics & Ros, Exodus Wars, Citadel, Onslaught, Dark Realm. What your see in the pictures is pretty much what you get.

Exodus Wars Inf & Hoplons, Heroics & Rose Staff Cars/Trucks
Dark Realm Inf and Onslaught Hybrids

More Dark Realm bits, great for Hybrids

7  Citadel Manticores
Happy to trade for Citadel Judge Dredd, SAGA, 15MM Sci Fi, 28mm/15mm Scenery or random offers, I have my fingers in many pies.. Hmm pies :D or of course cash via paypal

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