Monday, 10 November 2014

No Law 2000 Miles: Judge Minty - Part 2 + Ma & Pa

Well finished painting Judge Minty, while painting there was a feck up though *Grumbles*. I bough some Nuln Oil from my local GW and noticed it had a black top (Like they had when the range first came out) but thought nothing of it, anyway when I used it the wash dried Glossy despite a good 30 seconds of shaking, I'm guessing the old medium has begone to break down.

So I had a shiny Minty... lucky enough a second wash from another almost empty pot of Nuln Oil got rid of the shininess.

Judge Minty looking to take aleak behind the crates.. Damn old age!

I also finished Judge Mintys Ma & Pa (Non-cannon) infamous Mutie hunters

Painting these has given me the Judge Dredd painting bug again so I'm going to try and cut down the Lead Pile and paint some more Perps/Muties and whatever else takes my fancy,


  1. Great stuff Chico. Love the look of Minty. Isn't his Ma from Prog 18 with a brainbloom under her arm :-) great painting and looking forward to seeing more now you're in the JD mood!!

    1. That's right she's Mad Ma Mahaffy and Pa is One Eye Schumaen. Good memory:)

  2. Great end result! Very inspiring!


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