Friday, 21 November 2014

Wargaming Scenery: The bits that pushed the Wife to far... Balls!

So you may have noticed that on various interweb fauna I've been listing lots of lead for sale/dispatch.. Well it's really my choice in the matter, while we have now moved into a larger flat I'm still limited on my Hobby space which is already getting overcrowded by bits and pieces.

Well the Powers That Be as decreed that I need to decrease my collection of stuff that I'm not going to use, such as spares from completed projects.

What pushed her over the edge though is the amount of Terrain I've been collecting, it's nothing large in size but lots of little items such as Minefields, Barricades and Ruins.

Want to see what the actual piece(s) pushed her?

Yep just a couple of bits bough from the Lead Adventure Forum for a rather low cost :) Oh well eh? You see though while I been told to get rid of the extra bits she hasn't told me to stop all together so this looks to be the next item in my collection:

Currently in trade talks for this item and a smaller one, ahould be quite good for SAGA and WHFB3.

So keep and eye out over the coming weeks as no doubt more bits will listed on the forums/trade groups.

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