Monday, 17 November 2014

SAGA: Anglo-Danish Warlord

So following on from my last post I've been busy hunting though my lead pile and sourcing various bits and pieces for my Anglo-Danish (I'm sure there's a Bacon joke somewhere.. Hmmm Bacon *drools*)

I started with the Warlord, lucky for me he come equipped with a Dane Axe a state of the art weapon for the time. I also wanted to not to stick to historic 100% as well that just ain't my cup of tea (Or pint of Guinness).

Anyway hunting for my unloved projects I came across the perfect figure for a war loving Anglo-Bacon (Yup I found the Bacon joke).

The figure is a Ral Partha Tyrant Berserker, a rather nice figure If I do say so myself. Adds alittle fantasy touch to the setting :)

For the bases I plan to use rounds for everything, in most the cases 2p's. As they are cheap and add weight to the plastic figures I'll be using for the most part.

Also for the first time I'm using Woodland Scenics on the bases which I picked up in Hobbycraft rather cheap (My favour price heh).

I also picked these up of ebay:

32 Figures for £15 inc postage, thats the dirty cheap price I can afford... eh?.. ok JUST about afford.

My bits also turned up a number of other figures I'll be using, they're metal figures from Ral Partha and Dark Eye.

Blog posts may not be as often for the next week as I have my 70 year mother travelling 300 odd miles to visit for the week as it's her birthday! Fun!


  1. Love the Ral Partha figure. I'll be interested to see where you take this project. You actually do all the stuff I waffle on about.

    1. Thankies, it's ok to waffle on.. Waffles are tasty :D

  2. That's nice looking figure (and paintjob) Chico. I can see why the Klegg are backing off in the background. Wouldn't want to mess with him and his axe :-) Nice base too and looking forward to seeing the Chico-style saxon horde :-)

    1. Oi you no looking at my Klegg in public, for shame ;)


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